The Grunter

When I eventually got hold of a copy (signed nogal by both authors) of “Fishing yourself single” I couldn’t help but start reading immediately. I was into the book like a kid into a KitKat! The chapter by Craig Thomassen about his honeymoon at Wavecrest, especially, had me in stitches. I was reading it on … Continue reading The Grunter

Fishing rules (for the ladies)

There is certain things a fisherman doesn’t want to talk about and definitely doesn’t want to hear when fishing. With the below list I’m attempting to give you some do’s and dont's, lay down some rules and generally just help you to better understand the species that is… the fisherman, of course with a humorous … Continue reading Fishing rules (for the ladies)

Steenbras – Never give up!

We have all had those days… The day when nothing goes right… The day everything goes wrong! If you combine this with a blanking streak then fishing becomes… not so lekka! All the tranquil and out and about in nature talk goes out the window and you become a depressed fisher person. Luckily, mine ended … Continue reading Steenbras – Never give up!