Online Tackle Shopping – Part1

Advantages of online tackle shopping Must say I feel a bit like I’m sitting in group therapy and I’m about to make a confession. "Hi, my name is Blikkies and I’m a shopaholic…" Shopping isn't something that you would normally associate with a guy, it’s more a chick thing. But I absolutely love a bit … Continue reading Online Tackle Shopping – Part1

Purple spotty and the crows nest


As we sat back on our sand dune couch we reflected on the very busy morning we just had! I poured us a fresh cup of steaming black coffee from my newly acquired Isosteel flask. The one with two cups, one on top and one on the bottom. I was looking for a flask for … Continue reading Purple spotty and the crows nest

Ballie and Betty’s


When I was about 6, me and my dad were fishing close to the Kaaimans river mouth, on the Victoria bay side at a place called "die plat bankies". I couldn't cast a multiplier and dad used to reel in, change bait and cast for me. All I had to do was hold the very heavy … Continue reading Ballie and Betty’s

When all comes together on the Breede


I can hardly type this morning. My fingers are bruised, scratched, stiff and full of pain. To pick up a page from the printer (that's about 10 meters away) took me almost five minutes. My back is aching, my shoulders sore and I can't step onto my left foot because a Breede branch punched a … Continue reading When all comes together on the Breede