A Cracking Thought (ACT)


In an interview with Herchelle Gibbs after he scored that unbelievable 175 from 111 in the 438 game he said he knew he was going to score a hundred that day. He even said he got the same feeling before he scored that hundred in die 99 semi final (lets not go there). I suppose … Continue reading A Cracking Thought (ACT)



A couple of years ago myself and mates, J&D, decided to go visit Brandfontein to target some Galjoen and Steenbras. I kept on confusing the name with Brandvlei, the small little Karoo town where kids learn to swim on a face cloth... Water is scarce in the big Karoo! So it was suggested that I … Continue reading Brandfonfokkentein



Ek was bevoorreg om in George groot te word, ons het eers einde st6 Lambertsbaai toe getrek. Sê altyd ekt geleer praat in die suidkus en geleer vloek op die weskus. Maar die is gelukkig (of ongelukkig) nie 'n vloek storie nie, die is 'n Kaaimans groot vis storie... My naweke as nat-agter-die-ore-snotkop-kind is spandeer … Continue reading Kwaaimans

Last cast 49er


I don't often catch a Galjoen worth mentioning, so if I do, I show and tell! (Nie dat dit veel vat van my om uit te haal en te wys nie... Vra maar vir vinnige Anna. Ek wys graag!) The wife woke me up at 3:30 on Saturday morning with: "I might have killed the … Continue reading Last cast 49er

TCM – Brand vs Brand

This is the second part of the Tackle Choice Matrix and we will have a look at how the same reels of the same brands shape up against each other. Then we will compare the best two reels of each brand with one another to see who has the best reel. Do not skip to … Continue reading TCM – Brand vs Brand

Tackle Choice Matrix (TCM)

What fishing reel is the best? It's a easy question that unfortunately doesn't have a simple answer. I can already hear the Shimano fans shouting STELLA! Daiwa fans yelling SALTIGA! and the Penn men screaming TORQUE! Although you have to admit that if anyone is going to do any screaming, it would have to be … Continue reading Tackle Choice Matrix (TCM)

Ma se hare

Sê ek mos toe ek op 'n vlam warm dag 'n slukkie ys koue bier vat: "sjoe dis lekker, MA SE HARE!" Sal die een aangetroude vroumensie nie omtrent haar kop af ruk soos sy haar bose "judgmental" oë in my rigting slinger nie. Syt my een van DAAI kyke gegee, soos wat jy sal … Continue reading Ma se hare

a perfect day


My dad, my uncle and a friend were off at 4:30 towards Struisbaai! The excitement was immense. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get stuck into a proper Steamtrain and since my companions wanted one as well I was selected as the designated guide for the day. On our way we … Continue reading a perfect day

On any given Sunday


Die oumense het mos geglo visvang op 'n Sondag is sonde en dat jy niks anders mag doen as kerk toe gaan, eet en slaap op die Sabbat nie. Toe sê my pa mos een keer hy gaan darem bitter teleurgesteld wees wanneer hy eendag in die Hemel kom en uitvind dat vis vang op … Continue reading On any given Sunday

Diamonds and laughs


What's that? Ja sorry, I haven't posted for a while, I know. But the truth is there hasn't been anything to post about.  I've been struggling to catch anything decent and its not because of a lack of trying, it just seems that I'm on a bit of a dry spell. In September we started … Continue reading Diamonds and laughs