Big Swell, Oh Well


INTRO We planned a family (fishing) weekend in Struisbaai. As you know when a fish... I mean family weekend approaches you start following the weather at least two weeks in advance. If the conditions don't agree with what you deem to be good for fish... sorry, family, you find a way to convince yourself that … Continue reading Big Swell, Oh Well

Giving it everything


The teacher blew her whistle and the grade RR class were off on their yearly 400m race. This is 5 & 6 year olds with short legs, so they have to take much more steps in order to complete the race. It must almost feel like an 800m or something! I was struggling to get … Continue reading Giving it everything

Impulsive quickie and the mysterious lost fish


We all lose fish. It’s a fact of fishing like death and taxes. No fish is ever won until you have him high and dry. This thing that touching the leader counts as a landed fish is just to sooth our egos. I have personally lost a couple of fish that was right therewithin touching distance, so close you could smell them. All it … Continue reading Impulsive quickie and the mysterious lost fish

a perfect day


My dad, my uncle and a friend were off at 4:30 towards Struisbaai! The excitement was immense. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get stuck into a proper Steamtrain and since my companions wanted one as well I was selected as the designated guide for the day. On our way we … Continue reading a perfect day


  Ek onthou my eerste steenbras soos gister. Ek kon nie veel ouer as ses gewees het nie en ons het by Swartvlei onder die N2 brug gehengel. Dit was nog voor die opgraderings destyds en jy kon sommer net daar teen die pad stop, 'n paar prawns (eks jammer maar ekt nog nooit die … Continue reading Stoomtrein

Steenbras – Never give up!

We have all had those days… The day when nothing goes right… The day everything goes wrong! If you combine this with a blanking streak then fishing becomes… not so lekka! All the tranquil and out and about in nature talk goes out the window and you become a depressed fisher person. Luckily, mine ended … Continue reading Steenbras – Never give up!