Diamonds and laughs


What's that? Ja sorry, I haven't posted for a while, I know. But the truth is there hasn't been anything to post about.  I've been struggling to catch anything decent and its not because of a lack of trying, it just seems that I'm on a bit of a dry spell. In September we started … Continue reading Diamonds and laughs

Doom Profeet

Ek weet nie of ek moet lag of huil nie... Daars 'n priester (prophet Lethebo Rabalago) wat mense van sy gemeente (AK Spiritual Christian Church) met Doom spuit om "evil spirits" uit te dryf. Nie toilet spray of Windowlene of Mr Min nie, fkn DOOM pappa! Blykbaar spuit hy sommer vir alle kwale van voetskimmel tot stres … Continue reading Doom Profeet

Misverstand op Misverstand

Ons het besluit ons moet 'n slag gaan kyk wat swem in Misverstand dam. Na 'n bietjie navorsing en rondvrae het ons twee regte pap swaai visse in gedagte gehad. Karp en Baber sou daar gevang word. Al was dit middel Augustus en nog vrek koud in die aande het ons besluit om te kamp. … Continue reading Misverstand op Misverstand

Releasing the dream


Next to us surfaced the biggest Kob both of us had ever seen. Of course in magazines and on social media we have seen bigger, but never before have we had one on a rod and reel this close to us (the one I lost last year was bigger but he never came this close). … Continue reading Releasing the dream

A day to remember


Well I haven’t been to The Sands in months and my whole body is aching with withdrawal symptoms! Work, wife and other commitments are seriously messing with my love for the Breede… Anyhow, I was scrolling through some old photos and came across a couple that I haven’t shared with you guys, yet! It was a … Continue reading A day to remember

The eagle has landed


A couple of years ago ESA had some sort of presenter search or something. The west coast leg of this thing was held at Die Lapa Dwarskersbos, and I decided that I should go and throw myself into the mix as well, you never know what can happen. When I arrived the morning there was … Continue reading The eagle has landed

Melkbos Ballerina


The last time I was in Melkbos I was on a date with a ballerina. She was blond and tight and super lekker and I almost spend half my salary to convince her that I was her soulmate. As it turned out I was her sole mate, because she walked right over me. Being a … Continue reading Melkbos Ballerina

Spotted Steamer


We were talking nonsense while sipping a lemonade or two and munching some very nice Springbok droëwors. Amongst the regular banter was how nice it was that we can at least blank on a new beach. We decided a while ago to fish other spots than the usual places we always go to. And since we have … Continue reading Spotted Steamer

a Bettys sunrise


When was the last time you experienced a sunrise?   It's not something you just see, its an encounter and each one a privilege. Let me tell you a secret, there is no better place to see the day break than on a Bettys bay beach. It is absolutely magnificent and no words can really give … Continue reading a Bettys sunrise