First Grunter: Part 2

I don’t know if it is because I cut my fishing teeth in the estuaries of the Southern Cape, but I love river fishing! It’s a bit of a cliche for me, I know because I love all kinds of fishing, but the river has a special place in my heart. None more so than … Continue reading First Grunter: Part 2

First Grunter: Part 1

My grandfather married a young 22-year-old “bokkie” at the ripe “old” age of 40. He was a legend and family and friends to this day speak of him as the walking angel. He was the most gentle, patient and soft-spoken person I knew. The complete opposite to my Grandmother, who wasn’t called the “Leeu” of“Leeurand” … Continue reading First Grunter: Part 1


I try and fish at least once a week. It's not always possible though and with family and social commitments taking up most of my free time, fishing sometimes takes a back seat. Everyone knows the one with the diamond ring always has shotgun. But when the wife said she wanted to go to the … Continue reading EPIC!

Impulsive quickie and the mysterious lost fish

We all lose fish. It’s a fact of fishing like death and taxes. No fish is ever won until you have him high and dry. This thing that touching the leader counts as a landed fish is just to sooth our egos. I have personally lost a couple of fish that was right therewithin touching distance, so close you could smell them. All it … Continue reading Impulsive quickie and the mysterious lost fish

Things you can say to your fishing buddy but not your girlfriend

There are certain things that you can't say to your girlfriend. Every self respecting man with two brain cells and fear for grievous bodily harm knows to never ever go to the "did you gain weight" line for example. Your fishing buddy though, he's the man and to him you can say anything, almost. If … Continue reading Things you can say to your fishing buddy but not your girlfriend


'n Bakvissie is 'n giggelende tiener meisie wat nou net begin bra dra het en bloos vir woorde soos "wurm" en "wors"! Maar die stuk gaan nie oor bakvissies nie, dit gaan oor 'n regte vissie wat gebak is, of gebak gaan word. Ek kan nou nie soos Armand Kaal Kook nie, maar ek kan … Continue reading Bakvissie

Seventeen Eleven and a Twelve

I don't remember my first fish. It's probably because I caught it before I could start to remember anything. I do however remember my first Shad very well. Myself and the old man was fishing on the Wilderness side of the Kaaimans river mouth. There wasn't much happening but eventually I had a little tug … Continue reading Seventeen Eleven and a Twelve

Steam Train to Seven Eleven

We haven't been to De Mond in ages I said to my fishing partner while we reeled in our last unsuccessful cast for the morning. And you know THERE is always something happening, I added. We were taking off our reels when we decided that if the weather holds and the conditions just somehow resemble … Continue reading Steam Train to Seven Eleven

Fishing Family Fun

I have never felt so stupid in my life! My five year old daughter (Heila) and newest fishing buddy had just caught her first Steenbras and biggest fish ever. In my effort to wash some sand of the fish to take a better looking photo, the fish slipped out of my hands and with a … Continue reading Fishing Family Fun

a fish named Lucky

I don't think you will believe me (but I'm going to tell you any way)! I'm struggling to grasp how it was even possible myself. It will sound like a tall tale, a big fish story, yet its true... The plan was simple. No shenanigans. Upon arrival in Witsand we would collect bait, set up our … Continue reading a fish named Lucky