Numbing the pain


I've been stung by wasps and honey bees, survived multiple paper cuts and even listened to a whole Kurt Darren album (on repeat) from the Cape to Port Beaufort. I've bumped my little toe on a door frame, stepped on Lego, fell out of a tree (more than once) and broke my collar bone. I've … Continue reading Numbing the pain

First Grunter: Part 2


I don’t know if it is because I cut my fishing teeth in the estuaries of the Southern Cape, but I love river fishing! It’s a bit of a cliche for me, I know because I love all kinds of fishing, but the river has a special place in my heart. None more so than … Continue reading First Grunter: Part 2

The Grunter

When I eventually got hold of a copy (signed nogal by both authors) of “Fishing yourself single” I couldn’t help but start reading immediately. I was into the book like a kid into a KitKat! The chapter by Craig Thomassen about his honeymoon at Wavecrest, especially, had me in stitches. I was reading it on … Continue reading The Grunter