On any given Sunday

Die oumense het mos geglo, visvang op 'n Sondag is sonde! Op die sabbat mag jy niks anders doen as kerk toe gaan, eet en slaap nie. Toe sê my pa mos een keer hy gaan darem bitter teleurgesteld wees wanneer hy eendag in die Hemel kom en uitvind dat vis vang op 'n Sondag … Continue reading On any given Sunday

Diamonds and laughs

What's that? Ja sorry, I haven't posted for a while, I know. But the truth is there hasn't been anything to post about.  I've been struggling to catch anything decent and its not because of a lack of trying, it just seems that I'm on a bit of a dry spell. In September we started … Continue reading Diamonds and laughs

Releasing the dream

Next to us surfaced the biggest Kob both of us had ever seen. Of course in magazines and on social media we have seen bigger, but never before have we had one on a rod and reel this close to us (the one I lost last year was bigger but he never came this close). … Continue reading Releasing the dream

Spotted Steamer

We were talking nonsense while sipping a lemonade or two and munching some very nice Springbok droëwors. Amongst the regular banter was how nice it was that we can at least blank on a new beach. We decided a while ago to fish other spots than the usual places we always go to. And since we have … Continue reading Spotted Steamer

a Bettys sunrise

When was the last time you experienced a sunrise?   It's not something you just see, its an encounter and each one a privilege. Let me tell you a secret, there is no better place to see the day break than on a Bettys bay beach. It is absolutely magnificent and no words can really give … Continue reading a Bettys sunrise

Good fishing and Great company

You know you have trouble when you get home after a long day of fishing (or should I say trying to fish), and your three year old greets you with: "Het pappa alweer niks gevang nie... (Did you catch nothing again )!" I had the worst blanking streak in a very long time, eight straight … Continue reading Good fishing and Great company

Purple spotty and the crows nest

As we sat back on our sand dune couch we reflected on the very busy morning we just had! I poured us a fresh cup of steaming black coffee from my newly acquired Isosteel flask. The one with two cups, one on top and one on the bottom. I was looking for a flask for … Continue reading Purple spotty and the crows nest

Struisbaai Night Trip

I was lying flat on my back with my head resting on a sand pillow. I couldn't sleep, I was jittery as I kept an eye on the tip of my rod. My line in the water should have been taken out hours ago, but being mister optimistic, I was hoping for one more pull. The incredible view … Continue reading Struisbaai Night Trip

De Mond – That’s why!

In April me and an old friend, Quintin decided to go down to Brandfontein and see if we can get a Steenbras. The weather was monitored from the Monday and the closer it got to the weekend the better the conditions seem to get for that Sunday. On the Saturday I had a braai with … Continue reading De Mond – That’s why!

The Grunter

When I eventually got hold of a copy (signed nogal by both authors) of “Fishing yourself single” I couldn’t help but start reading immediately. I was into the book like a kid into a KitKat! The chapter by Craig Thomassen about his honeymoon at Wavecrest, especially, had me in stitches. I was reading it on … Continue reading The Grunter