Good fishing and Great company

You know you have trouble when you get home after a long day of fishing (or should I say trying to fish), and your three year old greets you with: "Het pappa alweer niks gevang nie... (Did you catch nothing again )!" I had the worst blanking streak in a very long time, eight straight … Continue reading Good fishing and Great company

When all comes together on the Breede

I can hardly type this morning. My fingers are bruised, scratched, stiff and full of pain. To pick up a page from the printer (that's about 10 meters away) took me almost five minutes. My back is aching, my shoulders sore and I can't step onto my left foot because a Breede branch punched a … Continue reading When all comes together on the Breede

The ABC of fishing – Trip 2

You might ask what the random "vygies" (flowers) used as the cover picture has to do with fishing. But I specifically used that picture to show that I too have a sensitive and artistic side and this blog is not all about fishing 😉 ! I took the pic on our way back from our … Continue reading The ABC of fishing – Trip 2

The ABC of fishing – Trip 1

About 2 years ago Jacques Ackhurst organised a fishing clinic for guys that wanted to improve their skills. It involved a couple of bait presentations and we would discuss different fishing spots in the False Bay area and surroundings. At first I was reluctant to go, but me and a friend thought what the hell … Continue reading The ABC of fishing – Trip 1

The fight of my life!

We have all heard the legendary stories of the “Rietbul” (Afrikaans name for a really big Kob). The epic, almost mysterious tales of the monster Breede River Kob is the stuff of legends. Stories of hundred pounders tickles the fancy and is told next to camp fires, braais and in small coastal town bars. Of … Continue reading The fight of my life!

Catching Witsand Kob

The early morning silence was broken with the high pitched screams of a Stradic 5000. It’s amazing how quickly you can forget about old rugby injuries and all of a sudden become a Olympic sprinter. I did the fifty meters towards my rod in no time at all, by almost walking on the water. My … Continue reading Catching Witsand Kob


Ek sê altyd eks bang vir niks, behalwe koringkrieke, honderdpote en perdebye! Die eerste twee is net grillerig. Flippen hel, Bear Grills vreet die ander dag 'n koringkriek op Ultimate Survival. Ek weet nie hoe hy die ding nog kon vashou nie, maar toe hy hom byt, spuit die stront so groen boog. Ook maar … Continue reading Perdeby

Seize the moment

As fishermen we constantly have to deal with disappointment and heartbreak. We’re disappointed when we sometimes plan for weeks on a fishing trip and then after literally counting the seconds, the day before we have to leave, the weather turns on its head. Worst is however when the conditions is perfect, the wind is blowing … Continue reading Seize the moment


  Ek onthou my eerste steenbras soos gister. Ek kon nie veel ouer as ses gewees het nie en ons het by Swartvlei onder die N2 brug gehengel. Dit was nog voor die opgraderings destyds en jy kon sommer net daar teen die pad stop, 'n paar prawns (eks jammer maar ekt nog nooit die … Continue reading Stoomtrein