a Bettys sunrise

When was the last time you experienced a sunrise?   It's not something you just see, its an encounter and each one a privilege. Let me tell you a secret, there is no better place to see the day break than on a Bettys bay beach. It is absolutely magnificent and no words can really give … Continue reading a Bettys sunrise

Theewaterskloof dam duikers

Een aand ry ons deur Theewaterskloof dam toe om te gaan visvang. Dit was weer een van daai aande wat rustig begin het en toe raak ons aan die visvang praat. Voor ons ons kon kry was die stokke gepak en was ons by die BP besig om "cheese grillers" te koop vir padkos. Dis sommer vinnig … Continue reading Theewaterskloof dam duikers

Good fishing and Great company

You know you have trouble when you get home after a long day of fishing (or should I say trying to fish), and your three year old greets you with: "Het pappa alweer niks gevang nie... (Did you catch nothing again )!" I had the worst blanking streak in a very long time, eight straight … Continue reading Good fishing and Great company

a bro code to fish by

What is ethics? The short Wiki answer is "moral principles that govern a person's behavior". Fishing ethics is basically a standard set of rules or do's and dont's that most of us already live by. We all benefit from the privilege of being able to fish and we should't take it for granted. It basically boils … Continue reading a bro code to fish by

Online Tackle Shopping – Part 2

The What, Where, When & How of online tackle shopping. Like I explained in Part 1 the advantages of online shopping is great. But it doesn't help if you don't know what, where, when and how to make your purchases. All the questions when opening accounts and declaring of credit card details to a machine can be … Continue reading Online Tackle Shopping – Part 2

Online Tackle Shopping – Part1

Advantages of online tackle shopping Must say I feel a bit like I’m sitting in group therapy and I’m about to make a confession. "Hi, my name is Blikkies and I’m a shopaholic…" Shopping isn't something that you would normally associate with a guy, it’s more a chick thing. But I absolutely love a bit … Continue reading Online Tackle Shopping – Part1

Purple spotty and the crows nest

As we sat back on our sand dune couch we reflected on the very busy morning we just had! I poured us a fresh cup of steaming black coffee from my newly acquired Isosteel flask. The one with two cups, one on top and one on the bottom. I was looking for a flask for … Continue reading Purple spotty and the crows nest

Ballie and Betty’s

When I was about 6, me and my dad were fishing close to the Kaaimans river mouth, on the Victoria bay side at a place called "die plat bankies". I couldn't cast a multiplier and dad used to reel in, change bait and cast for me. All I had to do was hold the very heavy … Continue reading Ballie and Betty’s

When all comes together on the Breede

I can hardly type this morning. My fingers are bruised, scratched, stiff and full of pain. To pick up a page from the printer (that's about 10 meters away) took me almost five minutes. My back is aching, my shoulders sore and I can't step onto my left foot because a Breede branch punched a … Continue reading When all comes together on the Breede

Dam(n) Smoothie

I planned a big fishing holiday. It would start with the December Iron Ore Competition in Saldanha. Then, throughout the holiday I would target Stumpnose in Saldanha from the Peperbaai harbour wall, Elf in Langebaan and Kob and Leeries in the Berg river. Some evenings and early mornings I would even see if I could … Continue reading Dam(n) Smoothie